How to use Your Zippo Hand Warmer


Do you enjoy year round outdoor activities? Do you live in a cold climate and cannot enjoy said outdoor actives because you are just so cold! Worry no more, you can get a zippo hand warmer! Zippo hand warmers are very easy to use, provide a substantial amount of heat for up to 12 hours and are a also very cheap and easy to obtain. Zippo hand warmers are great for such actives as ice fishing, skiing, hockey and biathlon events.

Once you have gotten your new zippo hand warmer, you will probably want to use it right away. In just 3 easy steps you will be ready to go outdoors without a worry for freezing your hands ever again!

Things You Will Need:

  • A zippo hand warmer
  • A can of zippo brand liquid fuel
  • A functioning zippo lighter or any other open flame lighter
  • A small plastic fueling spout bottle (Comes with the hand warmer)

Fueling Your Zippo Hand Warmer:

The first thing you will want to do before using your new hand warmer is fill it with fuel. This can be a challenge as the supplied fueling spout bottle can be very difficult to handle (especially with cold hands!). You will notice that the filler spout bottle has graduations on the side which help to indicate how long the hand warmer will burn for. After you have decided how long you want the hand warmer to burn for, grab a bottle of zippo brand fuel and fill the bottle up to the respective graduation that you choose.

zippo hand warmer fuel bottle

Select a desired burn time for the hand warmer.

After you have filled the spout bottle, you will need to dissemble the zippo hand warmer. To do this, simply separate the lid from the case to expose the catalyst burner inside. Next, you will want pull the burner off, it should come off quite easily, to expose the cotton swabs found within the hand warmer case. When removing the burner, please ensure that the burner is not hot as this could case severe burns! Once the hand warmer has been disassembled, you can now pour the portioned amount of fuel into the fuel reservoir.

Filling zippo hand warmer

Pour the fuel into the hand warmer only if you intend to use it immediately.


Igniting Your Zippo Hand Warmer:

Once you have filled your hand warmer with fuel, you are now ready to ignite the burner inside. To do this, simply reattach the burner and flip the hand warmer upside down, this will ensure that a sufficient amount of fuel saturates the burner. Once the burner has been saturated in fuel, you may now take your zippo lighter and use it to light the burner.

zippo hand warmer

Lighting your zippo hand warmer

You may have to hold the flame to the burner for about 15-20 seconds before the catalyst ignites. Once you have the burner lit, you may now replace the lid of the hand warmer.


Using Your Zippo Hand Warmer:

After you have filled your hand warmer with fuel and ignited the burner, you are now ready to go outside and enjoy the cold! First though, you will have to put the hand warmer into the fleece case that it came with, to ensure that you do not burn your hands as the hand warmer can get very hot.

zippo hand warmer

Slipping the hand warmer into the pouch

Your zippo hand warmer should last about 6-12 hours, depending on how much fuel you put into it.

Extinguishing Your Zippo Hand Warmer:

Sometimes it may be desirable to extinguish your zippo hand warmer before it runs out of fuel, maybe you just didn’t have a good days’ catch out on the ice? Zippo claims that the hand warmer can not be extinguished after it has been lit but in most cases, the hand warmer in fact can be extinguished quite easily. To do this, simply pull the lid off of the hand warmer to expose the burner inside. Once the burner has been exposed, you can use any coin or thin piece of metal to pry the burner off. Be careful, at this point the burner will be extremely hot. Place the zippo handwarmer lid directly under the burner, so when you pry the burner off, it will fall into the lid where it will not be at a risk of burning you. After you have removed the burner, it will continue to burn for about 5 minutes or so. Please be aware of this as it may be a fire hazard if the burner is left unattended while still ignited.

The zippo handwarmer is a great tool to complement any outdoor activity and is extremely easy to both prepare and to use. The zippo handwarmer is water resistant, wind resistant and of course, resistant to extreme cold. Please remember that you should only prepare your zippo handwarmer for use right before you are ready to ignite the burner, as the fuel will evaporate out of the case quite quickly if the burner is not ignited right away!

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